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Cyber Insurance

As businesses become more reliant on technology and hold more data, they are increasingly becoming the target of cyber criminals.  If your business is targeted by cyber criminals or there was a data breach, it would take substantial resources in terms of money and time to redress the issues as well as severe disruption to your business.

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It is prudent business decision to have in place Cyber insurance in place to mitigate adverse impact.

Cyber insurance is designed to protect businesses if there is for example malicious attack by Hackers on your computer systems, or the entire Infrastructure.

A typical Cyber Insurance policy would cover the followings:

1. Breach Management Expense;
2. Data Recovery Cost;
3. Business Interruption Loss;
4. Reputational Harm;
5. Extortion Expense;
6. Cyber Theft Loss;
7. Telephone Hacking Loss;
8. Social Engineering Fraud;

No matter how small or big your firm, without Cyber Insurance cover you could be financially exposed as a result of a Cyber Attack which could also lead to reputational damage and legal or regulatory costs.

You may need Cyber Insurance if you hold personal data or use a computer system or have a website.

Crownsway can arrange Cyber Insurance for a wide range of trades including:

  • Charity Organisations
  • Contractors & Design
  • Estate Agents
  • Insurance Brokers/Intermediaries
  • Will Writers

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