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Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance is a cover for more than one vehicle insured under one policy. Most companies advise the more vehicles the better i.e. 3 vehicles or more. Fleet Insurance can be provided in 2 ways Family Fleet and Business Fleet.

In regard to family fleet members of your immediate family can drive any of the vehicles. Any driver 21 + can be considered with special terms imposed.

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Business fleet similar to family fleet but would be under the business and again any driver can drive the vehicles, any young driver can be considered with special terms imposed.

Insurance cover for 3 vehicles or more with previous claims experience. Most companies would prefer to have more vehicles 3+ and also have at least 3 years no claims experience. However, if you have 3-6 vehicles plus individually insured and you wish to start a fleet cover we can try our best to provide a quote.

Most people have more than one vehicle some in cases 3 vehicles or more which they pay individually this works out to be more cost consuming and expensive in a fleet cover they are most likely to be saving money as in some cases fleet cover works out to be cheaper.

A wide range of cover to suit your needs – It is very important we understand the type of occupation and business you are in to get the right and suitable cover for you.

Ability to add and remove vehicles whenever you wish- You can add vehicles and remove vehicles whenever you wish.

Any Driver 25 and above however 21+ can be considered – Young Drivers can be added with special endorsements.

We can quote under your Business fleet

All types of vehicles including Lorries, commercial vans and cars.

Cover all your family vehicles or business under one policy

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